2010 MAMA Voting Tutorial

GROUNDBREAKING!!!! MAMA Voting in English: http://mama.mnet.com/2010/en/AwardVote/AwardVote.asp

Get a Mnet ID. Don’t know how? Here’s a tutorial.

YOU NEED TO USE IE for registration and NO Hotmail email accounts. You won’t get a confirmation email if you use Hotmail (Use Yahoo and Gmail).

Your password MUST contain BOTH numbers and alphabets.

Your password and ID cannot have more than 4 similar characters/alphabets.

You do not need to pay to get an ID. But you’d need to buy credits if you want to download songs and vote on the Mnet Countdown chart.

Didn’t get your authentication code/email/can’t login/etc, email Mnet: mnetmaster@cjmnetmedia.com [I do not have the answer.]

Forgot your ID/PW? Here you go: Yet another tutorial.

Actually, there isn’t much of a need for a tutorial. Just a few pointers and the translation for each category.

1. You can only vote ONCE A DAY PER ID. [ahem: which means you can have multiple accounts and vote multiple times a day. Not sure if they are IP sensitive but well…]
2. You have to choose for ALL categories. [even if you don’t know all of the artistes inside.]

1. Go to MAMA voting website: http://mama.mnet.com/2010/ko/AwardVote/AwardVote.asp
2. Log in with your Mnet ID (Top Right corner, it’s in English)
3. You will see this pop-up.

4. Basically, it tells you that you can vote once a day per ID. Just keep that in mind. Hit the BIG RED BUTTON at the bottom.

5. Next, you will see this screen with all the categories. Click on the first one to start choosing. After you make a choice for each category, it would automatically go to the next.

The Categories are:
1. Newcomer Award (Male)
2. Newcomer Award (Female)
3. Group Award (Male)
4. Group Award (Female)
5. Male Singer Award
6. Female Singer Award
7. Best Dance Performance (Solo)
8. Best Dance Performance (Male Group)
9. Best Dance Performance (Female Group)
10. Best Vocal Performance (Solo)
11. Best Vocal Performance (Group)
12. Best Band Performance
13. Best Rap Performance
14. Best Collaboration
15. Best Digital Single
16. Music Video Best Picture
17. Asian Wave (Top part: The Shilla Duty Free)
18. Best Song of the Year
19. Best Singer of the Year

The long rectangle bar at the bottom will only turn red after you have chosen for ALL categories. So yes, you have to vote for all.

Click and you are done.

Once you have posted, your choices would be on the categories just now. To view the results, click the red bar at the bottom.

That’s it! 🙂

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28 Responses to 2010 MAMA Voting Tutorial

  1. Regina says:

    Thankyou sooo much for the tutorial! It helped me alot!! Thankyou!! ^^

  2. Zhang Mei Ling says:

    how to vote for MAMA if I haven’t have Mnet ID ?
    can u tell me how to make an ID ?
    thanks b4 ^^

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  5. shirley lu says:

    when i was sign up it says authentic number? what is authentic number?

  6. Can you make a tutorial on how to make an new mnet account? I really want to vote for 2AM :)!

  7. MBLAQ1016 says:

    do we need to pay to make an Mnet ID?

  8. MBLAQ1016 says:


  9. seru says:

    the hotlink for certification doesn’t work.. 😥
    what do i do???

  10. Celeste says:

    Hiii! Just a qns: how do i vote daily? everytime i relog in, my previous choices (what i voted the previous day) are still reflected there. thanks! 😀

    • you can change the selection or stick to your previous selection.

      • MC_Aliana says:

        hi! i got a question regarding this. does it count? i mean.. i face same situation with celeste. my choices of previous day are shown after i relog in just now. so whether we change our choices or not, does it count for today? and if this situation still happen the next day, or even the next next day, is it count for the respective day?? i’m afraid its not counted. thanks in advance.. =D

      • the system remembers your choices. so if you don’t change your choices, you just have to hit the red button to register your vote for the day.

  11. joonjoon says:

    umm the certifacation doesnt work so how can i even get a authentication number?

  12. MBLAQ1016 says:

    i cant seem to get the authentication number. i used my yahoo account and it wont work. do any of you have that problem?

  13. Vivi says:

    why is it the nationality box don’t appear? thank you;)

  14. barry says:

    ckckckck…. amazing

  15. jubee says:

    the pop-up didn’t appear even if i log in

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