InStyle Magazine – Adam Couple Wedding Photoshoot – HQ Magazine Scans

Finally the HQ magazine scans. These were released from the Korean side. I have arranged them according to page number and translations for the captions have been added.

Translations credits accordingly to the respective translators at the end of each page.

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Caption on Photo

The young Adam Couple’s wedding scene. “Yeobo, you said you wanted to get married while riding a scooter and wearing wedding dress,” said Jo Kwon and took Ga-In’s hand to help her onto the scooter. “Can we ride this and drive to downtown Bali, Yeobo?” Ga-In said in agreement.

Translations credit to suzelle@soompi

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Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga-In, who emanates charisma from her petite form, met 2AM’s Jo Kwon, who looks like a child but has a hidden macho side. The guy and the girl who was members of different groups showed us another sides of themselves. This is the special honeymoon & wedding story of the fun and often-bickering ‘Adam Couple’ in Bali.

Translations Credits to suzelle@soompi

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Caption on Photo

Jo Kwon, who wore flat sneakers without heels looked anxious and carefully tried comparing his height with Ga-In. “Eey, Noona, you’re wearing high heels but you’re shorter than me? Phew, that’s good. (smile)” vs “Yah, it’s not much of a difference,” said Ga-In and turned around to stand back to back with Kwon.

Translation Credits to suzelle@soompi

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Caption on Photo

Ga-In really can’t stand hot weather. “When we first arrived here it was raining. I was afraid that it would rain all day just like when we were in Hong Kong, but today is very hot. I really cannot stand the heat… Kwon-ah~ Smile! Jump! Let’s finish the shoot fast so we can play!” So Jo Kwon went to get a glass of ice coffee for Ga-In.

translations credit to suzelle@soompi

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“Instead of doing a formal/stuffy photoshoot, we, as husband and wife, want to show our fun side. Because we really do not suit that (stuffy) image (smile)” -Ga-In

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Caption on Photo

Jo Kwon took off his top to shoot the beach scene and Ga-In was all shy seeing this side of her husband(?). But the awkward moment only lasted for a while. “Noona, did you swim yesterday? There’s a very big pool in the room.” “Of course I did.” “Then should we swim together today?” “Forget it.” The often-bickering Adam Couple you see on the program is the real side of Adam Couple.

Translations credit to suzelle@soompi

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Caption on Photo

Although so many cameras and staff could make you feel uncomfortable, the Adam Couple only looked at each other(?). “The weather today is absolutely fine, isn’t it? The rain has stopped.” “But is this water clean? Is it okay for us to go in?”

Translations credit to suzelle@soompi

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Summary [NOTE: NOT full translation]
Basically it is a write-up about the whole process, from contact MBC WGM team, and the numerous discussion to what we have seen thus far on WGM (meeting at the magazine office and the wedding dress fitting). It also describes what are the shots they did on each day.

Translations of some of the major points (which I found interesting while reading the Chinese translations):

1. While they were waiting for the equipment and luggage to clear customs (or delayed.. not too sure), Ga-In, not paying attention to the anxiety of the staff, got onto a trolley and Jo Kwon started pushing her around. The two were busy joking and playing with each other.

2. The second day actually started off as a rainy/cloudy day. but the weather turned better afterwards. In the few hours under the sun, both took care of each other all the time, showing the staff the good relationships between the two and also cause suspicions of whether they are really dating.

3. (about the shoot on the scooter)[sidenote: they kept saying that JK was wearing a khaki-coloured 3-piece suit.. but erm.. i’m not sure i saw that…] JK was nagging at the side:”Wife is really pretty, but isn’t this dress a little too flashy? the chest area is really obvious and the skirt is really short.. this can’t do. Do you want to wear something on top? [my own musing: ok with showing her legs then?] Ga-In didn’t show any sign of irritation and just smiled.

4. (about the wedding ceremony shot) The special wedding ceremony that JK prepared for GI touched all the staff who were present, showing off their cuteness like a real couple. Their special wedding ceremony scene marked the successful end to the photoshoot in Bali.

Chinese translation cr. to BaiDu Adam Couple Bar.

English summary/translations: twilightelusion@soompi

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Caption on Photo

Before the photo shoot and when they were discussing about the Adam Couple’s favorite cut. “Is it the bathtub scene? So I won’t be wearing anything and just go in there? I will be wearing a swimsuit or some sort, aren’t I? Then Kwonnie must take off his clothes as well, that’s only fair,” said Ga-In. “Can’t both of us go in there?” Jo Kwon offered constructively.

Translations credits to suzelle@soompi

“Although we have made a duet song and have performed it, someday we would like to show you how we really do music, while playing the piano and singing.” -Jo Kwon
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Caption on Photo

“Yeobo, you look cool.” “My wife also looks pretty.” Right after the director took the shot, the Adam Couple checked out each other’s outfit and complimented each other. The sight of them caring for each other of course made everybody wonder whether they were actually dating or not.

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Caption on Photo

“If this photo where we are wearing each other’s design can make it as the main photo, it would be so great.”

Chinese Translations: Grace@ Baidu Adam Couple Bar

English Translations: twilightelusion@soompi

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usThe big mission for Jo Kwon & Ga-In’s Bali wedding photoshoot! The mission was to design the one-of-a-kind dress and tuxedo for each other. Non-disclosure was important since they designed and kept everything a secret for the project. After the first meeting (at the InStyle Wedding office) with the designers, who were supposed to help them, they started to design the secret outfits.

2010.4.28 The first meeting with the designer. Ga-In & Hong Hyejin (Studio K): “I want to design a tuxedo with a somewhat special and a very strong(?) design. How should I say, a revealing design. I thought of shorts with the silhouette of baggy pants. As material, I want to use mesh. And for the top, it must be sleeveless.” Kwon & Edward Shin (Publica Atelier): “Please design a special dress which is elegant but sexy as well. A mini-dress which places emphasis on her legs would be nice since Ga-In noona has a nice figure. The color must be white, because it’s a wedding dress.”

2010.5.2 Design check and each of them giving a special touch (to the outfits). Gain & Hong Hyejin (Studio K): “Wow, it came out prettier than I had expected. And the back of the long sleeveless vest is also made out of mesh, right? Is it too revealing? No, I think Kwonnie will come out with a much more drastic design. I want to engrave “by Gain” somewhere on the the pockets (of the vast).” Kwon & Edward Shin (Publica Atelier): “It’s a wonderful design. The corsage is beautiful too and to me, the black “Sha” fabric for the lining seems to be a bit unique but I’ll trust your (the designer’s) sense. Our special touch would be to engrave “Yeob<3oh” with crystals.”

2010.5.10 Departure for filming in Bali. Starting from the airport and until the filming, their outfits were sent and kept secret.

2010.5.12 Revealing the outfits to each other. The outfits they made for each other. Finishing the photoshoot with nice photo cuts from the couple; they were moved when they saw the outfit made for each of them.

Ga-In’s dress made by Jokwon: “We went with the miniskirt because Gain noona’s legs are pretty. The skirt line is asymmetric and the point lies in the lining, which is expressed by using the “Sha” fabric.” – by Publica Atelier

Jokwon’s tuxedo made by Gain: “I wanted to put Kwonnie in shorts. And I chose mesh material to make it revealing. Please pay attention to the details on the shoulder parts too.” – by Studio K

Translations: xeth@soompi

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Caption on Photo

“Wow, this decoration is really pretty. What is the name of the flowers?” – Ga-In

“Yeo-bo, the flowers smell good too.” – Jo Kwon

Chinese Translation: Grace@ Baidu Adam Couple Bar

English Translations: twilightelusion@soompi

[You Asked…]

(Note about this interview: The questions were sent in by the fans and picked by the InStyle team. Jo Kwon and Ga-In did the questions separately and handed it back to InStyle separately. So perhaps, until the magazine was printed, each didn’t know the other’s answers.)

Q: Let’s suppose you two have a child, whom do you want your child to resemble?
Ga-In: If we have a daughter, I want her to resemble Kwon. If we have a son, I want him to resemble me. Because I think our daughter will look pretty if she resembles Kwon, and I think our son will be handsome if he resembles me.

Kwon: I hope the child has white skin like Ga-In Noona. And I hope the child is not short like Adam Couple.

Q: If the day come when you have to shoot the last episode of WGM, what do you want to do?

Ga-In: I hope I don’t have to think about the last episode. If I think about it and I continue shooting, I…can’t do anything. Because if one day we are shooting and then I hear that that will be the last episode, I will be very sad. Maybe I’m not a person that can express my feelings well, but I already feel a lot of affection, so if we have to end I think I’m going to cry just looking at his face.

Kwon: All this time, during WGM, we have made duet song, we have performed it on stage, but I really want to show both of our real performance. What about a sincere piano playing and singing performance? Won’t that be suitable for our last episode?

Translations of Interview: suzelle@soompi

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[You Asked… (con’t)]

Q. They say that a couple starts to resemble each other. Did anything change in your behaviour or in general after “WGM” regarding things you hadn’t done before?

Ga-In: My personality has changed a lot. In the beginning, I was busy trying to express my feelings but now, I try to behave more thinking about his feelings – the same way Kwonnie behaves towards me. I try to care (for him) and I’m not used to it yet but I think that I’m showing a lot of aegyo.

Kwon: (I notice it) when I unintentionally happen to do the same things like the person. In our case, it’s the laughing. Ga-In noona’s laugh, the “Hehehe” laugh. I happen to do it too.

Q. Before and after you joined “WGM” – how did your thoughts about marriage change?

Ga-In: Because I was too busy with work before, I thought of marriage as just an essential factor (in my life). I thought “I’ll marry one day”, but now, I’m at the point where I really want to marry. I think I would be the first one to ask “Should we get married?” within a month of dating if I happen to meet a person I really love.

Kwon: Before WGM, questions like “Can a marriage last until the end with just love?” came to my mind when I looked at married people. But during “WGM”, I became emotionally close to Ga-In noona and I don’t know if it’s because I became close to her, but now I do believe that you can marry with just “love”.

Q. Please tell us the secret on how to date in a “yeonsang-yeonha*” couple relationship while respecting each other.

Ga-In: Actually, from a woman’s point of view, I don’t think that age is that important. But from a man’s point of view – I think that he has an unnecessary ego where he thinks he somehow doesn’t get respected. I do think that both can be together for a long time if you maintain the other person’s pride.

Kwon: Just forget every thought about each other’s age and spend the time like friends. Age is not important.

*yeonsang – yeonha couple = couple with the woman being older than the man

Q. Would you choose to leave the show when you feel that you are really in love? Or would you enjoy the make-believe/real relationship in the show?

Ga-In: If we were to choose between these two, I’d choose the latter one. All the situations are make-believe but I think that we would fool the viewers and fans even more if we behave real (be a real couple on the show). From time to time, people say “The Adam couple is not dating, they’re playing with the viewers. We’re being fooled.” but because “WGM” is a make-believe show and we are a make-believe couple, I faithfully want to carry out the role of Jokwon’s make-believe wife; and even if there would be a feeling such as love, I don’t want it to become an obstacle for the show until the end.
I want to finish the last filming session successfully as well, as colleagues, as make-believe couple and with us caring for each other like now. After the recording, if I feel that, through the given time, there was a feeling such as love, then it would be an issue I would’ve to think about on my own.

Kwon: Uhm, this question is difficult. Ah…I really don’t know.

Q. How about spontaneously making up a nickname for each other but with “Yeobo” being excluded.

Ga-In: But I’m still having a hard time even calling him “Yeobo”…

Kwon: Ga-In noona-ing~~

Q. Regarding the tuxedo and dress which were designed for each other, is there anything you paid close attention to and what could’ve been done better?

Ga-In: I was worried until the outfit came out because the feeling I had in my mind can’t be drawn as a picture and I thought “What if my picture of the outfit is different from what the designer has thought of?”. And “What if Kwon says that he can’t wear it?” or “What if he gets angry?”…thoughts like that. (laughs)

Kwon: The back part of the dress. The “Yeob<35” part which I made by picking up the crystals one by one. I paid a lot of attention in making it.

Q. In your everyday life, have you felt like a married man/married woman before, and if so, in which situations?

Ga-In: I already mentioned it on another show (“Come To Play”) but when I’m out with friends and Kwon calls and asks “Where are you?” or sends a text message – there are times when I think “I’m doing something wrong. I’ll get scolded by Kwonnie if I don’t go home quickly.”. I don’t think of myself as a married woman but when I think and behave like that, when I get a text message or when I’m on the phone and when others ask “Is it your husband?”, “Is it Jo Kwon?”, I ask myself “Am I really a married woman?”.

Kwon: When I get questions about Ga-In noona wherever I go. The questions won’t stop and in those moments, thoughts like “Am I her real husband?” come to my mind.

Q. Right now, what is Jo Kwon to Ga-In? What is Ga-In to Jo Kwon?

Ga-In: To me, Kwonnie is neither make-believe nor reality (of course, “WGM” is make-believe). There are moments when I ask myself if this isn’t a situation from the “Truman Show” or if this is the movie “Avatar”. But I like how it is right now – neither make-believe nor reality.

Kwon: A person I need at any cost.

Translation of Interview: Xeth@Soompi

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Caption on Photo

Whenever there is a change of setting/scene, the groom who’s always ready first will always walk to and fro along the corridor, curious to see the new side of his bride.

“Noona, you are not ready yet? Why do you always take so long~ She’s a girl after all. Just have to wait a little while more” – Jo Kwon

Chinese Translation: Grace@ Baidu Adam Couple Bar

English Translations: twilightelusion@soompi)

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Caption on Photo

Ga-In personally picked her wedding dress before she came to Bali. “I don’t like tube-top dress. It’s too common. I would like to wear a different kind of dress that is never worn by other people.” When she came out wearing the dress, the husband said she was pretty and clapped excitedly. The wife certainly had different taste.

Translations credit to suzelle@soompi

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Caption on Photo


“Please take one wedding picture of us for our new house.” The Adam Couple kept enjoying the moment even when the photo shoot and recording session had ended.


A special room at the cliff that faces the Indian Ocean was prepared especially for their wedding. The family motto(?) of ‘Hardship, Adversity, And Happiness’ finally came true. Ga-In was wearing the dress she personally picked and looking so happy that you couldn’t see the ‘push-and-pull girl’ on her anymore. And the ’22-year-old little groom’, looking much more excited than the bride, presented a special serenade for the bride and celebrated(?) their real wedding.


Ga-In blocked Jo Kwon’s lips with the bouquet to prevent the kiss which was the groom’s eternal wish. “It’s not supposed to be that easy.” and showed a confident-looking bride.

Translations credit to suzelle@soompi

Image Hosted by

[Clockwise from the top]

1. “Jo Kwon ssi, for the next shot can you take off your top?” Soon after the careful request was made… (now here’s where I’m not sure. I think it’s about Kwonnie showing his perfect back). Because of the strict CEO(?) unfortunately Gain could only go this far.

2. Jo Kwon jumping and joking around at the dam(?) and Gain looking at him cheerfully. Their smile seemed very natural and very happy.
** Not sure about the ‘dam’ thing.

3. The ambitious bath scene. Actually Gain got into the bathtub wearing a black slip dress. Because we had to create bubbles fast, we mixed cold and hot water in the tub. Sunlight from the beach shone through the window behind her. Ga-In, you must be hot, you’ve worked hard!

4. Paparazzi showed up on their trip. Because this shot with the concept of the groom protectingthe wife was too strong(?) compared to other shots, unfortunately it was cut.

5. “I got an international license to ride the scooter,” said Jo Kwon proudly. But since it’s a vintage one it could not move, so they only posed on it. This is the scene with the very lovely mini dress made especially for Ga-In.

(Translation cr: suzelle@Soompi)
Image Hosted by

5 Days 3 Night Scene Sketch

1. The little husband carried his wife! “Kwonnie, how about you carry Ga-In?” After the photographer said that, the little husband easily carried his frightened wife. Although the arm muscles made him look manly, because their poses looked uncomfortable and because their expressions did not come out natural, the photo couldn’t make it.

2. Adam Couple suddenly showed up in the middle of downtown Bali. It took about one hour to get from the beautiful Allila Suri Resort to Allila Uluwatu Resort where the wedding scene was prepared. To shoot the scooter scene they came to downtown Bali. The tired Adam Couple had been sleeping and just woke up.
Not sure about the correct name of the resorts. Please confirm.

3. Before shooting the important bathtub scene, the 22-year-old husband was trying to capture the mood. The much-anticipated bathtub scene the Adam couple had been waiting for. While the wife was getting into the bathtub full of bubbles, the husband opened the buttons of his shirt, moistened his hair a bit, and stood at one side with his head down. What was he thinking?

4. Checking each other’s polaroid photos during the photoshoot. The Adam couple marvelled at the photos personally chosen by the appointed phototgrapher for the shoot, Oh Joong-seok. “Sir, you are famous, aren’t you? I thought I often saw you somewhere. The photos are really wonderful. Yeobo, quickly say thank you~”

5. Sexy-body Jo Kwon took of his top! Since the initial meeting Jo Kwon had promised, “I will work out hard before I go (to Bali).” He bravely took off his top. He looked like a quite beast with his perfect six-packs! To make Kwon’s skin bronzer, the stylist diligently put tanning cream on him.

6. The highlight of the shoot, preparations before shooting the wedding scene. The time they’ve been waiting for has come! The Adam couple who has not had a wedding, unlike other couples in the program (WGM). Before shooting the wedding scene, we had to do some fitting because of little husband’s tuxedo which was too big(?).

7. Creating bubbles for bathtub shot. Three staff were running around(?) to create bubbles. They put in three bottles of bubble bath and mixed it with cold water and hot water. Although you can’t see him in the picture, the groom was standing on the right side.

8. The most touching moment, Jo Kwon and Gain’s Wedding certificate. A wedding certificate used by real couple when they get married was prepared at the scene. When Jo Kwon and Ga-In put their signatures on their names, how did both of them feel?

(Translation Cr: suzelle@Soompi)

Image Hosted by

[Left Column]

Captions for the pictures – Top to Bottom

1. Protecting the wife, who only wore swimsuit under the thin top, from the cameraman! Because covering her with towel was not enough, he personally walked with her every step of the way.

2. The fierce competition to collect materials from the Adam couple who were standing at the black beach in Bali. Want to count how many cameras were there?

3. The confused(?) looking Adam couple, who had been exhausted and sleeping in the car, when they suddenly arrived at downtown Bali.

4. Adam Couple’s serious expressions while checking the photos taken. Look how the husband kept holding his wife’s hand even at that time.

[Right Column]


SPECIAL EVENT FOR YOU. MBC’s (We Got Married) team is recording alongside InStyle Wedding team who went to Bali together with them. There are a lot of special episodes during the photoshoot and the (WGM) recording. The special events the Adam Couple did for each other which you cannot see in the photos. If you are curious about Jo Kwon’s special serenade and Ga-In’s sudden skinship(?) as a gift, tune in to We Got Married starting from July 17.

(Translation cr: suzelle@Soompi)

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