I LIKE YOU, KWON! – Chapter 41


After having tea with their CEOs, the 2AM boys and the BEG girls pretended to leave for their own dorms, only to meet again at Han Suites for their own little party. It was a victorious day for them but at the same time, they knew someone had just lost her dream – Raina.

“It was really scary how Park PD dealt with the whole situation. It was almost cold-blooded and though Raina’s boss tried, we knew it would all be in vain. I feel a little sympathetic towards Raina, really.”

“I was shocked at how cruel Jin Young hyung was as well. Would it have been better if we had simply left it to the netizens?”

“To be honest, I doubt it would have turned out any differently. It was just a matter of who got who first. On some levels, you have already slowed down the process by preventing the netizens from finding the culprit first. If Pledis had tried to deny and then our side presented them with the evidence, it would have caused more damage.”

JeA spoke up, knowing that Ga-In and Seul Ong were both feeling guilty for crushing Raina’s dreams. But she knew that no matter what, it would have been the same results.

“Let’s not be all gloom and doom! We did win this round and for that I think we need to celebrate!! What should we do today?”

“We are having parties way too often no? Kwon-ah! Great foresight in renting this apartment! Looks like it’s going to be a place where we can run to when we want some privacy!”

“Kwonnie hyung, I think you should make all of us a set of keys! Then we can just come over whenever we want!”

Jin Woon teased Kwon since he saw the look of panic when Narsha mentioned that they see their apartment as a place where they would come for privacy. He never misses a chance to tease any of his hyungs when he finds one.

“No! Why would I make a set of keys for all of you? Narsha noona, must as I would love to have all of you come over, I rented this place so Ga-In noona and I could have some alone time together.”

“Aish~ Can’t you see Jin Woon was just teasing you? You get baited too easily!”

Everyone laughed and Ga-In just shook her head in embarrassment.

“Anyway, what shall we do? Should we order food and eat here? Or should we go out?”

“I think let’s go to the supermarket and get some food then we can eat here. We had so much fun last night!”

“Let’s make it more interesting! Let’s pair up and have a cooking competition! I want to be paired up with Chang Min!”

Narsha suggested and immediately went to hold onto Chang Min’s arm.

“Ya! That’s not fair! How can you just choose immediately after giving the suggestion. Let’s draw lots!”

Everyone knew that Chang Min was well-known for his good cooking skills. And other than Ga-In and MiRyo, JeA and Narsha were hopeless at cooking. The other 2AM members might be more hindrance than help.

“Ok! Let’s draw lots! Kwon and Ga-In will be a pair so they don’t have to draw lots.”

So the rest of the members drew lots and in the end, they ended with these pairings:

Narsha and Seul Ong
Jin Woon and MiRyo
JeA and Chang Min

“Narsha noona, what are we going to do? Do you know how to cook?”

Seul Ong knew he had gotten the worst lot since Narsha didn’t know how to cook and he knew nothing about cooking either.

“No! What are we going to do?!!”

“Alright! Let’s set off once we have decided on the dish to cook. The budget for each dish is 50,000 won so you cannot buy ingredients that are too expensive and you only have 1 hour to prepare and cook the dish.”

“JeA noona, let’s make dumplings with chicken broth.”

“Alright! I’d trust you, you just let me know what I can help you with.”

“Ok, let’s go!”

“Jin Woonie, what do you want to eat?”

“MiRyo noona, let’s make kimbap! 5 different types!”

“Alright, that seemed easy enough. Let’s go!”

“Kwon-ah, let’s make caramelised sweet potato and ddeotbokki!”

“Yeo-bo~ You can read my mind! I have been craving for those two dishes for a long time!”

“Seul Ong oppa, Narsha unnie, what are you going to cook?”


“Sweet-and-sour pork.”

Narsha turned to look at Seul Ong with wide-open eyes.

“Ya~ Im Seul…”

“I just learnt how to cook the dish the other day from my mother. You are going to be surprised by my cooking ability! Narsha noona, let’s go!”

Without a second word, Seul Ong grabbed hold of Narsha’s hand and led her out of the apartment. Kwon and Ga-In looked at the two of them as they walked down the corridor.

“He’s going to buy it from the restaurant selling Chinese food.”

“Yup~ He forgot that we are his members and we knew that he had not gone home for quite a while now. Aigoo~ Sometimes, I don’t know what to do with him too.”

“You don’t have to do anything. Half the fun is in watching him shooting himself in the foot. I want to see how he’s going to explain how fast he got the food cooked to the others. Anyway, let’s go and get our own ingredients and start on the dishes.”

Ga-In wrapped a scarf around her neck and made sure that it was covering her face. Kwon did the same thing and put on a pair of glasses. They walked out of the apartment hand-in-hand. But the moment they reached the streets, they kept a safe distance from each other. The memory of today’s event was still flashing in their head and they remembered JYP’s ‘reminder’ not to let their relationship be exposed. They knew they have to be careful no matter how much they wanted to hold each other’s hands.

The other pairs were very smart to split up their shopping list so that they won’t be seen at the same supermarket together. But they agreed to meet back at the apartment at a specific time. Kwon and Ga-In realised that they couldn’t stay out too long since they are the only ones with keys to the apartment.

Narsha and Seul Ong went off in the direction where the restaurants were gathered. Narsha still didn’t know what Seul Ong had in mind.

“Ya! How could you say we were going to cook sweet-and-sour pork? That dish is not easy to cook!”

“Who said anything about cooking it? We are just going to buy ready-made one and pretend that we cooked that.”

“Do you think your members are stupid?”

“No, but who could resist sweet-and-sour pork?”

“That’s true. Since we are going to be at the Chinese restaurant, should we get ja-jang noodles and fried rice?”

“Sure, but not too much. Let’s go get some drinks too!”

“Ah~ You know me too well. Ok, I’d go order the food from the Chinese restaurant. You shall go exhibit your strength by getting the drinks, then make your way back here to carry the food.”

“I feel like a mule being ordered around to carry things!”


Within the hour, everyone was back in the apartment and started on the preparation for their dishes. When Seul Ong and Narsha walked in with the packages from the Chinese restaurants, they were met with loud protest about them cheating and how they lost the competition.

“Alright then, guess Narsha noona and I would have to finish all the food then.”

The rest of them didn’t want to miss out on the sweet-and-sour pork so they gave up their protest almost immediately.

“See, don’t you like to eat something that’s prepared by real chefs rather than two person who doesn’t know how to cook?”

“Well, the two of you can’t escape ‘punishment’ for breaking the rules, so you would have to wash up later after the meal. As the eldest here, I do not want to hear protests.”

JeA’s words were stern and final but inside, she was laughing because she wanted to create an opportunity for Seul Ong and Narsha to be alone. And washing dishes would prevent the others from wanting to go help since no one likes washing up.

Before long, the aroma of food cooking filled the kitchen. Seul Ong and Narsha were engaged in a life-and-death Go-Stop battle and they were going to start fighting over the scoring when Ga-In shouted for the two of them to help set the table since everything is ready.

Though the meal was not perfect but because everyone worked hard to make sure the food was prepared well, they still enjoyed themselves. To them, such times were really the best.

“I think we need to steal the keys and go make copies of it. This is really a great way to hang out. Being with people we like, not having a care in the world, this is good.”

“Yes, maybe we should! Jo Kwon, hand over the keys right now!”

That set off another round of protest from Kwon but the rest just laughed at how each of the members would go to them and tried to steal the key from Kwon.

In the midst of their merriment, Ga-In didn’t notice that her phone was ringing. The person making the phone call got increasingly anxious. In the end, when he realised that she wasn’t going to pick up the call, he hung up. He quickly sent her a message.

“Son Ga-In ssi, please return my call at your convenience. It’s about your mother. – Park Min Jung.”

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Chapter 40

“Park PD, could you possibly have been mistaken about Raina’s involvement in this? The girls barely have time to sleep, much less concoct such elaborate schemes to tarnish the reputation of your artistes. Isn’t it a little too presumptious to take it into your own hand and pressure the PDs from the broadcasting stations to cancel all the schedules?”

“So Kim sa-jang, you are of the opinion that your girl has done nothing wrong and I have wrongly accused and cost financial losses to your company by pressuring the broadcast stations to cancel all of Raina and After School’s schedule?”

“Park PD, don’t misunderstand me. What I’m trying to say is that unless you have concrete evidence to show that Raina was responsible, isn’t it a little too fast to act upon what could possibly be just YOUR artiste trying to get back at Raina for causing such a upheaval? Not to mention, Im Seul Ong-ssi and Son Ga-In-ssi also benefitted from this ‘scandal’ didn’t they? So why do we have to bear the blunt of this?”

CEO Kim looked pointedly at Seul Ong since he heard that it was probably Seul Ong who got someone to work on finding out the culprit. Even though Raina had confessed to causing the scandal, he wasn’t going to give in to JYP just because he is powerful.

“Let’s say if we are able to provide concrete evidence like you required, what would you do to Raina then?”

CEO Kim looked at JYP and for the first time since he entered the building, he could feel the sweat making its way down his spine. The tone that JYP used seemed to indicate that they have the evidence. But everyone in the industry is aware of how intimidating JYP can be but he doesn’t always live up to his threat.

“If you really can show us the evidence, I’d take Raina out of After School and I will terminate her contract with Pledis.”

“Kim sa-jang, isn’t that a little too harsh? She is just a young girl after all. Do you need to dash her dreams this way?”

“Park PD, you pretty much left me with no choice. If she’s really the one, then I’d have to remove her. Otherwise the rest of After School would be affected.”

JYP got up from the sofa and picked up the piece of paper that he had left on his table. When he turned to look at CEO Kim, he could literally see the sweat rolling down his pudgy face. He gave a cold smile.

“Here’s the evidence that you wanted.”

He sat down on the sofa again and waited for CEO Kim to look through the information that had been presented to them. CEO Kim’s face just got paler and paler by the second. Though he had Raina’s confession, he didn’t realise that JYPE has gotten real, concrete evidence against them. If they choose to sue them for slander, this is the only evidence they need. All the details are so clearly stated in the document.

But CEO Kim wasn’t going down without a fight. After School is very popular right now. To pull Raina out at this juncture would be disastrous.

“Park PD, you can’t possibly expect me to believe that this is real? You could have…”

Before CEO Kim could finish his sentence, Manager Park’s phone rang. He excused himself when he saw that the company PR manager was on the line. JYP knew it was probably Pledis side calling to let them know that netizens had tracked down the culprit. He waited for Manager Park to come back with the news.

The office was silent as everyone listened to the gradual increase in volume in Manager Park’s conversation. CEO Kim knew it was bad news. He turned to look at JYP who was seated comfortably in his seat. He shifted his glance towards Kwon, Ga-In and Seul Ong and saw a trace of guilt and regret they felt for their junior who’s about to lose her dreams forever.

“Would you settle for a public apology?”

JYP looked at CEO Kim straight in the eye.

“I do not need a public apology. Do what you say you would do. Take Raina out of After School and terminate your contract with her. Businessman to businessman, I would tell you that’s the best alternative. You know what the netizens…”

Manager Park rushed into the office then and whispered into CEO Kim’s ears. He relayed the information that the netizens had already found out the person who uploaded the photo was Raina and fans from 2AM and BEG side have all gathered near the After School dorm and at Pledis, demanding an explanation. He went on to say that there was actually a firewall preventing the netizens from finding out but that was removed 30 minutes ago. CEO Kim shifted his glance at JYP then and realised he had totally been played by JYP. There was no way Raina or Pledis could have gotten out of the office winning this round. He knew when to cut his losses.

“Very well then, I would make a public announcement that Raina would be taken out of After School due to personal reasons. As for termination of contract, that might take some time to settle. Please give us that amount of time. In return, I want to be reassured that Pledis would not be sued for slander.”

“I understand. But just so, we have an understanding, please sign on this document.”

JYP pushed two documents towards CEO Kim. On the document, it was stated that as a form of ‘payback for the damages that an artiste of Pledis Entertainment had caused to JYPE, they are required to terminate Raina’s contract’. Once that is done, JYPE will no longer hold Pledis Entertainment responsible for the scandal and will not take any LEGAL action against the company.

CEO Kim took out his pen and signed his name reluctantly but he knew he had no choice at all. Especially if he wants to protect the rest of the members of After School.

“Looks like I would need to add one of the trainees to the group after all…”

CEO Kim thought to himself. Although he had been thinking of adding new members to After School, he had been dissuaded by Manager Park. But now, it looked like he didn’t have a choice.

Once JYP signed his name on the same document and have his secretary make a photocopy for filing, he gave a copy to CEO Kim. When both CEOs stood up, the rest of them all stood up as well. JYP and CEO Kim shook hands like two businessmen who have just concluded a deal. CEO Kim nodded at Jo Kwon, Ga-In and Seul Ong and took his leave with Manager Park.

Jo Kwon, Ga-In and Seul Ong witnessed the entire scene and realised that they just saw the dreams of a young girl being dashed by two businessmen. While it was Raina’s fault in the first place, they really questioned if there weren’t a better alternative. Belatedly, they realised their lives were as such -pawns to businessmen. And when they are no longer useful or commercially viable, they can be cast aside anytime.

JYP sent CEO Kim all the way down to the lobby and that gave the three of them some time to breathe. No one dared to bring up what they just witnessed but all had the same thought – what about them now?

Kwon and Ga-In exchanged a look and the fear that they had tried to keep at bay came rushing at them now. Seul Ong took out his phone to check for new messages and that was when he saw the message that Chang Min sent to them. When he saw that Nega Networks CEO had given his approval, he yelped in joy.

“Seul Ong hyung, what happened? Why are you so happy?”

“Kwon, check your phone.”

When Kwon saw the message, he was also very happy and had tears in his eyes. He walked over to Ga-In and just hugged her.

“What happened?”

Kwon showed her the message that Chang Min sent to him. At first, Ga-In couldn’t believe her eyes.

“Jo Kwon, this is not a joke right? My CEO actually agreed to it? Agreed to us?”

“If the message was sent by Jin Woon, I would suspect it but since it’s sent by Chang Min hyung, I doubt he would actually joke around with something so important. I’m so surprised! I was worried that your CEO would be vehemently against it.”

“Chang Min hyung, where are you now?”

Seul Ong had called Chang Min just to clarify the news.

“Oh~ Seul Ong ah, we are outside the office building waiting for the BEG noonas and their CEO to arrive before going up. We just saw CEO Kim from Pledis coming downstairs with Jin Young hyung. How did that meeting go?”

“We will talk about that later. So, what you sent is true, Ga-In’s CEO really agreed to their relationship?”

“Yes, Narsha noona was the one who sent me the message. Apparently they have also worked out a plan to persuade Jin Young hyung. I feel much better knowing that we have at least one of the bosses on our side.”

“Alright then, we’ll see you later.”

Seul Ong ended the call and turned to the two pairs of questioning eyes.

“Chang Min hyung and Jin Woon are outside the building right now waiting for the BEG noonas and Nega Networks’ CEO. They would come upstairs together later.”

He turned to Ga-In then and gave her a smile.

“Your unnies and boss are fantastic! Apparently they have worked out a plan to convince Jin Young hyung. So don’t worry anymore. We will get this straightened out.”

Ga-In nodded, knowing that her unnies probably managed to persuade their CEO. She was very afraid of disappointing her CEO because she looked upon him as a father figure.

Just then, JYP came back into the office alone.

“Now, we have to settle the issue between Kwon and Ga-In. Kwon, you should know that at this present moment if you were to go public with your relationship, it might have adverse effect on 2AM right? Are you willing to see what you have been working so hard for thus far go down the drain? What about the rest of your members?”

“Jin Young hyung…”

Seul Ong wanted to say something but was stopped by JYP’s glare. He knew that it was not his turn to speak yet. But now he was really worried, because JYP was using the one thing that would cause both Kwon and Ga-In to waver.

“Jin Young hyung, I know what you are saying. Yes, I do realise that if I were to go public with our relationship at this moment, it will affect 2AM. But at this present moment, I am not asking you to allow us to go public with the relationship. I’m asking you for permission to be together with Ga-In noona. You know as well as I do that we could have dated secretly without telling you but because the scandal broke out, I had no choice but to come clean about our relationsip. So all I’m asking for is your permission and if you are willing to give us your blessings, we would be doubly delighted. But even if you do not, it doesn’t change my stand – I love Ga-In noona and I want to be together with her.”

“Kwon ah, you are at the peak of your career right now, do you think you would actually have time to maintain a relationship? Ga-In, what about you? I heard that there are plans for you to have a solo album, are you sure you want to be in a relationship right now?”

“Park PD-nim, you know I respect you a lot and while it’s rumoured that I might have a solo album, nothing is set in stone yet. But being an artiste only made me understand the kind of schedule that Kwon has right now and I won’t pressure him to spend time with me or meet up with me. I can assure you that I would not do anything that would cause JYPE, 2AM or Kwon any inconvenience. If you do not give us your permission, I’m sorry to say that I won’t break up with Kwon.”

“Even if it affects BEG?”

“If it affects BEG, I believe that’s my responsibility and not JYPE’s right, Park PD?

Everyone turned to see the little entourage that followed CEO Noh into the office. JYP was shocked to see that CEO Noh had brought the other BEG members with him and that Jin Woon and Chang Min were in their midst as well.

In that moment of silence, Jin Woon and Chang Min went to stand beside Kwon and Seul Ong and the BEG members also went to stand beside Ga-In. When JYP turned to look at them again, he saw a fortress of 8 who were determined to stay together.

“Noh seon-saeng, you are not telling me that you approve of their relationship? They are very young and at the peak of their career…”

“Jin Young ah, when you were their age, did you not fall in love too? How did you feel when your boss then absolutely refused to let you be with the girl? When you had to give her up, how did you feel? These children are not asking you to let them go public with the relationship right now, they are simply giving you the measure of respect they believe you deserve as their boss, and their mentor by wanting your permission and blessings. Is it that difficult to give it to them? Don’t you know your own boys? 2AM members are one of the most sensible bunch I have seen in today’s idol world and you can’t trust Jo Kwon to make the best decision? He trained for 8 years, do you think he doesn’t know the consequences?”

By this time, Ga-In had tears in her eyes. She was so touched by what her boss had just said. She wished she could go up to him and give him a hug but she knew it was inappropriate. JeA, who was holding on to Ga-In’s hand gave it a squeeze and when Ga-In looked at her, she smiled at Ga-In, telling her without words to trust in their boss, their ‘appa’. Ga-In nodded in acknowledgement.

“Alright, let’s put aside all the sentimental and emotional reason, commercially, do you think it’s a good time to ‘break them up’? If you do not allow them to be together, the first thing I would do would be to take Ga-In out of ‘We Got Married’. I would not allow her to be on the show and having to smile when she’s feeling all miserable inside. Are you not aware how famous and well-loved the two of them are? Do you want me to run the statistics by you? In the public’s eyes, since you seemed to care about that a lot, they are the perfect couple. There are fans who WANT them to be together FOR REAL. Both you and I know how rare that is. If you say no, I can assure you I would call WGM PD immediately with the demand to withdraw once the present contract ends in 3 weeks. I’m sure you are aware how many companies want them to be the spokesperson for their products? Are you willing to forego that income?”

“Noh seon-saeng, you can’t be serious? Would you really do that? Take Ga-In out of ‘WGM’?”

“Well, I would have to compensate her by giving her a solo album but that’s not an issue with me. Jin Young ah, I have seen these girls struggle to keep their dreams of doing music they want alive and if it’s within my means, I’d make sure they get what they want. If earning more money means making them miserable, I’d definitely not do that. You should know me by now. Does it really make you happy to refuse them? Keeping them together is going to be commercially viable to you, isn’t that what is important?”

“Noh seon-saeng, you make me look like I’m a money-grabber!”

“I know running a big company like JYPE is not easy so no, I don’t see you as a money-grabber. Instead I see you as a smart businessman. You know I’m a man of my word. Losing those CF deals might hurt my pockets but they are not essential for me to keep the company afloat either. Ga-In might scream at me later since that money could have been her dowry but I’m sure she’d get over it when I make sure her solo album is a success. So, how about it? Yes or no?”

JYP looked around him. He knew how hard Jo Kwon and the other 2AM members worked and at this present moment, he could not afford to lose the trust of his most popular group, or at least the group who’s bringing the most money. It was with a measure of regret that he realised he shouldn’t have ‘given’ them to Big Hit Entertainment.

Then he looked at BEG and CEO Noh. He acknowledged the talents of the 4 girls, and knows that whether as a group or solo, all 4 of them would do well and Nega Networks really would not suffer. In fact, after hearing the way their CEO stood up for them, they would probably work harder. Though he didn’t like the idea, he had to admit giving them permission didn’t cost him a thing but the reverse might cost him more than he’s willing to pay right now.

He turned to look at Jo Kwon and Ga-In and he saw all the rest taking a step closer, making the fortress tighter.

If I were to say no at this moment, I would lose the respect and trust of 8 people. Not to mention any possibility of collaboration between JYPE and Nega Networks. I’m sure if they could have a joint concert, it would be a sell-out given the present circumstances.

“Alright, fine, I’d give you my permission. However, know that I would not tolerate the relationship being exposed. If that should happen, I would demand compensation from the two of you. You have witnessed what happened just now so know that if I can make you, I can break you as well.”

He turned to CEO Noh and the tone he used was that of a businessman to another business, not a junior to a senior anymore.

“Noh seon-saeng, you know I have a lot of respect for you. So I’m not going to demand that this goes down on paper. I want you word that in the next 6 months, you would continue to let Ga-In be on ‘WGM’. Should your company break this verbal promise, I have the ability to make sure that BEG would not be able to survive. Do I have your word?”

“6 months, it is then. I’m sure Ga-In finds ‘WGM’ enjoyable since that is the legitimate playground for the two of them to date without being questioned. You have my word. But Park PD, you should also know that I’m not a man without my own network. I could do a whole lot worse and not just to 2AM. Remember you are a big company after all with many artistes to look out for.”

The two men looked at each other, as if willing to the other to look away first. Finally, as if realising that the other is not an enemy unless provoked, smiled. CEO Noh shook JYP’s hand and patted his back. He then turned to look at the 8 relieved faces, especially Ga-In and knew that he had done the right thing.

“Come! Let’s go for tea! My treat! Park PD, you would give me the honour of giving you a treat right?”

“Of course, let’s go!”

So 2AM and BEG, together with their boss headed off to Hyatt Hotel for High Tea. People who saw them that day wondered if something major was going on. Speculations were abound but when neither company gave any indication that there was more, people simply put it down as ‘one of those gathering’.

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Kwon, Ga-In and Seul Ong arrived at JYPE building at about 1.30pm. They wasted no time in going up to JYP’s office. The three of them walked into the office, Kwon and Ga-In holding each other’s hands tightly.

JYP was on the phone with the publicist from the company. From the looks of it, he was getting the report of how the scandal had been resolved satisfactorily. When he saw the three of them in his room, he got off the phone and turned to look at them. He noticed Kwon and Ga-In were holding hands.

“I know that the two of you are a couple but please do not show it around in the office. There are other trainees around and I don’t want words that the two of you are dating to spread. What’s more, CEO Kim from Pledis Entertainment would be here anytime now to resolve the matter about Raina. We will talk about the two of you later. Can you promise me now that you will behave appropriately? Ga-In-ssi, your CEO will be here around 3pm to talk about your relationship with Kwon, so be prepared.”

After addressing the couple, JYP turned to Seul Ong.

“You deserve a earful for taking matters into your own hand but since you decide to hand over the evidence instead of looking for her on your own, I shall overlook this for once. So what kind of evidence do you have?”

Seul Ong took out the information that he had gotten his junior to send to him via email from his bag and passed it to JYP. JYP took the paper and stared at the information.

On the paper, the IP address of the sender was stated and it was linked to the residential address of After School’s dorm. The information also contained the time and date that the photo was first uploaded onto the forums. Further “investigation” led to the discovery of the said photo in the recycle bin of the computer. Even though the recycle bin had been emptied, there were still cyber footprints that eventually revealed when the photograph was first uploaded onto the computer from the camera. Basically the information nicely tied Raina in a pretty bow and sent her for the slaughter.
“Do you know if Pledis has taken steps to terminate this IP address? And if anyone could have used their bandwidth and do the same thing?”

That was the first question JYP asked Seul Ong after reading all the information. It was clear who the culprit was. But he needed to make sure that Pledis Entertainment would not be able to plead innocent when the information was presented to them.

“According to my junior, they have not done anything of the sorts. While it’s possible for others to log onto their bandwidth but the photograph clearly came from the computer IN their dorm. Unless they are going to say that someone broke into their dorm and used their computer to upload the photo, it’s impossible to say they are not responsible for this fiasco.”

“And you said that your junior had put up a firewall to prevent anyone from locating the real culprit?”

“Yes, we wanted to make sure that we are the ones who got to them first.”

“Very well then, this is what I want you to do. Ask your junior to take down the firewall. I want netizens to be able to locate the real culprit. Since an artiste from their company caused such a great inconvenience to us, we have to make them pay somewhat. And with the netizens’ protest, we can be sure that Raina would not be able to survive in this entertainment world anymore.”

Seul Ong was shocked by what JYP just said. He turned his head slightly to look at Jo Kwon and Ga-In. The two of them were also clearly shocked by what they just heard. Ga-In recovered and was about to speak up for Raina when Kwon stopped her. She looked at him and he just shook his head slightly, telling her without words not to say anything.

Ga-In looked at JYP and could not help but feel the chills down her spine.

What would he do to me if I ruined 2AM’s chance by being together with Kwon?

“Seul Ong, go and call your junior right now and ask him to do what I just said and come back quickly. Pledis CEO should be here anytime now.”

Seul Ong had no choice but to make the call to his junior. Before he left the office, he nodded at Ga-In and Kwon, telling them it would be alright. But the three of them knew that Raina was going down and no one could help her.

Just then, Kwon’s phone rang. He didn’t have to look at the number to know that it was Raina who was calling. She had been calling since an hour ago. Kwon knew she wanted his help to persuade JYP but his hands were tied.

“Kwon, from today onwards, you are not to see or talk to Raina again, do you understand? I do not want any of you to be associated with her. Ga-In, this is something I have to ask of you as well. I’m sure your CEO will say the same thing to you.”

The two of them could do nothing but nod their heads. Seul Ong came back inside.

“Jin Young hyung, my junior has removed the firewall and he also said that someone had already managed to find the IP address. It’s only a matter of time before…”

“Alright, the three of you are to keep quiet when I’m talking to CEO Kim. Seul Ong, go and sit between Kwon and Ga-In. I don’t want them to suspect anything is going on between the two of them. “

The moment they sat down at the sofa in JYP’s office, the secretary came in to announce CEO Kim’s arrival.

JYP got up to greet CEO Kim, putting on his friendly mask. Once the initial small talk was over, they got down to business.

“Yoon Shik, what are you going to do about this? An artiste from your company almost single-handedly destroyed Seul Ong’s image. You should know I would not let this go easily…”


JeA, MiRyo and Narsha received a call to meet their CEO at the office after Seul Ong left with Ga-In’s clothes. They all knew it definitely got to do with Jo Kwon and Ga-In. They knew that they have to stay firm about their stand to let them be together. They just need to convince their boss about it.

“JeA, have you thought of what to say to the CEO after we get there?”

Narsha was concerned because she knew JeA’s words are regarded highly by the CEO.

“Don’t worry, I know my stand and you girls know it too. Let’s just see what he has got to say. Who knows, our worries might be unfounded. You know that the CEO has a soft spot for Ga-In. If we play our cards right, we might get him on our side. I heard that he’s meeting JYP at 3pm. Maybe we should ask to go along.”

“That would be good. Should we ask the AM boys to meet us there if we are going? You know, show solidarity and how we want them to be together? Partly it’s to show the bosses, but I think more importantly, I think Ga-In needs to be assured of that.”

Narsha quietly suggested.

“That’s a good idea. Since Seul Ong is already with them, we just need to ask Chang Min and Jin Woon. Let’s call them and see if they are free later?”

“Narsha, call Chang Min, you have his number right?”

Narsha nodded and took out her phone to dial Chang Min’s number.

On the other side, in 2AM’s dorm, the 2 boys were also wondering about the same thing – whether they should turn up at the office and show their support. When Chang Min’s phone rang and he saw that it was Narsha, he quickly picked up the call.

“Chang Min, would Jin Woon and yourself be free later in the afternoon? We know that our boss is meeting yours at 3pm. So we were wondering if we should turn up at the office to show our support.”

“Narsha noona, actually we were thinking of the same thing. If that’s the case, shall we meet at JYPE then?”

“We are not too sure whether our boss would let us tag along. But the two of you prepare yourselves. Once we get an answer, we will let you know?”

“Ok, sure. We will probably be there even if you girls can’t go. After all, we promised Kwon and Ga-In to be behind them all the way, so we would do that.”

“Thank you so much. I know it’s difficult for you boys to be so supportive about the relationship considering how it might affect the group.”

“Noona, it’s really nothing. We can’t stop love, not at the expense of our careers. Kwon deserves to be happy after everything he has been through. I just hope that he won’t be stupid enough to throw it all away if Jin Young hyung becomes insistent.”

“Would he do that?”

Chang Min didn’t have a ready answer. Narsha knew his hesistation meant that all they could hope for was that everything would work out in the end.

“Alright, we need to go in and see our boss now. Please pray that this would go well.”

“We will. See you later at JYPE.”

Narsha got off the phone with Chang Min and turned to look at JeA and MiRyo.

“The boys were planning to go to the company anyway. So it’s a matter of how our meeting with the boss goes.”

“JeA, the boss will see all of you now.”

The secretary came out to announce that the boss was ready to see them. The three of them looked at each other, held each other’s hand and walked into the office.

CEO Noh looked up when the girls walked in hand-in-hand. He saw their stance and knew without talking to them what their stand on the issue at hand is. He smiled silently to himself and thought “I have to make these girls a little nervous.”

With that, he stopped smiling and looked sternly at the girls, almost as if he was going to scream at them.

JeA and MiRyo took one look at him and grimaced but Narsha managed to catch their CEO’s smile before he hid it. She knew then that they have indeed gotten themselves a good boss.

“What is this? Are you 5 years old that you need to hold each other’s hands? Or did you do something wrong and trying to stand united together so you won’t get scolded?”

JeA was about to deny it when Narsha coolly said,”we will only be doing something wrong if it’s wrong to support love.”

JeA and MiRyo looked at Narsha in amazement. They know their CEO didn’t like direct confrontation as such. Both turned to look at Narsha who was standing in the middle.

“Ya… Why are you so direct?”

JeA whispered, praying that the CEO won’t take offense at Narsha’s directness.

“So, that’s your stand? You are going to support love no matter what?”

CEO Noh looked at each of the girls in turn, still with the stern face. The girls realised that this was the crucial question. They looked at each other again, tighten their hold on each other’s hands.


The three said in unison then smiled, knowing they have done the right thing.

“So, appa, which side are you on? Love or money?”

The girls called their CEO ‘appa’ whenever they are outside the office. Because this was how they see their CEO – in the office, he’s their boss but all of them know that he treats them like his own daughters and will not let them come to any harm.
CEO Noh smiled broadly this time. Yes, he had to remind himself that above and beyond their status as artistes, these girls deserve the chance to experience being in love and being part of a relationship. And from the information he had gathered, it would seem that Ga-In and Jo Kwon are really happy with each other. He did not want to be the one who takes that away.

“Now, let’s make sure that we come up with a good enough proposal for JYPE to accept their status. Will you girls come with me later to JYPE?”

“We were hoping you would ask.”

JeA said and then the 4 started their discussion on how to present their case best to JYPE. But the girls knew with their CEO’s support, it would be easier than if they have to fight the battle themselves. Narsha sent a message to Chang Min, informing them that they would be going to JYPE and that their CEO is supportive of the idea.

When the boys got the message, they shouted in joy and sent the message to Seul Ong and Jo Kwon as well.

Chang Min looked at Jin Woon, “now we need to convince Jin Young hyung…”

Jin Woon nodded, but the two also realised that it wasn’t going to be easy. JYPE and Nega Network are rather different when it comes to handling artistes’ private lives. The boys know that their lives are not their own until their contract ends. But they hope that JYP will see the commercial benefits for Kwon and Ga-In to stay together as a couple. Whether he was going to acknowledge them as a REAL couple, that’s secondary. Right now, they have to make sure that they would at least be able to continue WGM.

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I Like You, Kwon! – Chapter 38

Raina was sleeping when her phone rang. When she saw that it was her company phone number, she was shocked because usually her manager would be the one to contact her. She has a bad feeling about this. She wanted to not answer the phone call but she knew the company would just keep calling.


“Is that Raina? This is Secretary Kim. The CEO wants you to come to the office before 12 noon. Please be here as soon as you can.”

“May I know what this is regarding?”

“I’m not too sure but the instructions was for you to come immediately. He also said not to tell anyone about your trip to the company.”

“Alright… I would get ready now and make my way to the office immediately.”

Raina’s heartbeat quickened. She was seized by a panic attack so strong that she almost fainted.

Damn, did someone find out that I’m the culprit already?

Raina made a quick dash to her laptop and went online to the forum to check on the thread that said that they were going to hunt the culprit down. She scrolled to the last page. The last comment made her very puzzled.

“I was very close to finding out the owner of the IP address but since last night whenever I try to hack through, my computer will shut down automatically. Someone is trying to block anyone who’s trying to find the culprit!”

“Who could it be? Who would actually protect the culprit? Never mind, whoever it is, I am safe for now.”

A smile actually crept onto her face, with her thinking how lucky she was. Maybe her CEO was looking for her to talk about the sub-group that he wanted to form.

“Finally, I’d get my chance to shine! Being stuck with the other 8 members is just plain bad luck. I wish some of them would just leave!”

She got up and went about washing up and making herself presentable in front of her CEO. She has to present her best side. This might be her big break.

After putting on her make-up and looking at herself in the mirror one last time, she stepped out of the dorm and looked up at the clear sky.

“Perfect weather for great news!!”

With that she skipped to the main road to hail a cab.

What she didn’t see was the storm cloud that followed her throughout her ride to her company.


“JeA, do you have a minute? Can we have a chat about Ga-In and Kwon?”

Narsha stood outside JeA’s room and raised a topic that JeA’s been wanting to talk about as well.

“I think we should. Is MiRyo around? Let’s get her and then discuss how we are going to handle the company side when they ask.”

JeA got up from her bed and went to see if MiRyo was in her room. When MiRyo opened her bedroom door and see Narsha and JeA standing there, she could roughly guessed what they came to discuss – Ga-In.

“Come in, I guess we are going to talk about Ga-In and Jo Kwon right?”

JeA nodded, and then entered the room and pulled out the chair at the writing table. Narsha found herself a comfortable spot on MiRyo’s bed.

“What do you reckon would be our CEO’s reaction to their relationship if we were to tell him?”

Narsha started the discussion, after all, she was the one who wanted to talk about it.

“Actually I believe he knows already, what with the scandal with Seul Ong. JYP probably already contacted him too. I think he would call us in soon to get our views on it. So what are we going to say?”
JeA pondered over MiRyo’s words. It’s probably true that their company is already aware of Ga-In’s relationship with Kwon. She also knows that the company is against Ga-In dating right now. But what can they do if she’s truly found love and everyone can see that.

“We have to show our support for them, that’s for sure. What Ga-In found with Kwon is real love, how can we split them up?”

“Moreover, we can all see the change in her. It’s actually quite amazing to see her being so happy. Even I’m affected by her happiness sometimes and I will just smile unknowingly for no reason. No, we definitely have to show the company that we support this relationship.”

JeA looked at her other 2 members. She feels the same way as they do but she also knows that it’s going to be an uphill task for the company to accept Ga-In’s relationship with Kwon. And she also knows what Ga-In is like. If the CEO uses BEG as a threat to make Ga-In break up with Kwon, she might just do it because of them.

And on the other side, JYPE is unlikely to give in easily as well since Kwon has just gotten really popular and 2AM is also rising to their peak. If it were to be made known that Jo Kwon is in a relationship, it might affect not just Kwon but 2AM’s future as well.

“For now, we might be safe, Ga-In might be safe too because we did announce that we were going to work on individual projects because of Ga-In’s health. So our side won’t be able to use ‘OUR’ future as a threat. But it’s not the same for JYPE and 2AM. And if Ga-In feels that she is a hindrance, she might give up the relationship. Kwon is one factor, the other is Seul Ong. She won’t risk the future of two of the most important men in her life.”

JeA said what was on her mind and that silenced the other two as well.

“I think the most important thing right now is for Ga-In and Kwon to continue being on WGM. One thing it gives them a safe ‘playground’, on the other hand, it helps to build the public’s image of them. Already, there are many fans who want them to be a real couple, so if they gradually get used to them as a ‘couple’, if and when the news breaks out, it won’t be a shock.”

“That might be all good, but have you wondered what would happen if they break up?”

Both JeA and Narsha wanted to put tape over MiRyo’s mouth for even saying that out loud, but they know it’s a real concern.

“Aigoo! Seriously! Is it really THAT difficult to be in a relationship because we are artistes?”

All three looked at each other and sighed, each with the same thought, “If it was easy we won’t be sitting here, all single and lonely.”


Raina got out of the cab and entered the company office with a huge smile on her face. She approached the receptionist and told her that she was there to meet with their CEO. The receptionist took a look at Raina’s smiling face and thought to herself, “This girl has absolutely NO idea what’s going to happen to her. Serves her right!! I’m going to stand outside the CEO’s office and see her reaction.

“Unnie~ Are you still hoping that our CEO will eventually groom you to become a star? I think you might have to go for another surgery for your nose before you can qualify~ You’d better start saving money for it then! But, you are getting a little old for the idol world.”

The receptionist clenched her fist hard enough to leave marks on her palms. She forced herself to smile and then said in a cheery voice, “the CEO is ready to see you now.”


“Alright~ Thanks unnie~ See you around!!”

Raina walked to the CEO’s office, took a deep breath, put on her biggest smile and knocked on the door.

“Come in.”

Raina turned the doorknob and stepped into the office. Standing at the corner was their manager.

“Sa-jang-nim~ I’m here!”

Kim Yoon Shik turned at the sound of the sweet voice and gave her his most intimidating glare.

Raina was taken aback. Even though their CEO is known to be strict, she has never seen him in such a mood. She turned to look at her manager and could see that his face was red with anger as well.

This doesn’t feel right.

“Raina, I want you to answer this honestly.”

Kim Yoon Shik’s voice also told her that he was barely keeping his temper in check.

“Sa-jang-nim, what is the matter? What is the question you want to ask?”

“Were you the one who posted the photo of Im Seul Ong and Son Ga-In’s bracelet and started the scandal?”


Raina wanted to deny that it was her. But one look at both her CEO and her manager told her that they already know the truth.

Honesty might be the best policy. Maybe they would help me…


“It was really you? Why did you do it?”

Raina was about to answer when the CEO interrupted.

“WHY is not important!! The fact is she did it! You were supposed to make sure that they don’t get into such trouble!!!”

The CEO bellowed at their manager. He turned and looked at Raina.

“Are you CRAZY? How dare you go and touch someone from JYPE? Don’t you know they have the power to squash all of us? One word from their company could mean the end of all existing and future schedules with the broadcasting companies! Whatever your reason is, was it important enough to throw away your future and everyone’s future in this company along with it?!!”

Listening to her CEO, Raina just realised how stupid she was in doing what she did and really for what? In the end, she helped Im Seul Ong and Son Ga-In ‘legitimatimized’ their sibling-hood, gave them a favourable image for defending and protecting each other, caused her Kwonnie oppa to remove all doubts between the two of them…


“Sa-jang-nim, I am very sorry for what I have done, please forgive me. I promise I will not do such a foolish thing again.”

Raina wanted to get out of the office as quickly as possible so that she could call Kwon to help her plead her case in front of JYP. She knew that Kwon’s words in the company and in front of JYP has some weight.

“Do you know what has been happening since 7am this morning? All your existing schedules have been cancelled alongside those that you are appearing with the other members. That’s almost EVERYTHING!! Do you think a simple ‘sorry’ would be enough for all the trouble you have caused?!”

Even though the CEO didn’t shout this time round, the quiet menace in his voice was obvious.

“This is what is going to happen. We are going to announce to the media that you will be taken out of After School because you want to focus on your school work…”

Raina looked at her CEO in shock. She must have heard it wrongly. Did her CEO just say that she was going to be taken out of After School?

“…Then when this whole thing is over, we will talk about whether we want to form a sub-group to bring you back in. But no matter what, you would not be the focus. After all, you were never good enough to begin with.”

That last sentence caused something in Raina to break. No matter how harsh her CEO could be at times, he had never said something like that to anyone. And the fact that he delivered that line in his most matter-of-fact voice just meant one thing – he was being honest about it. She has always thought that she was better than everyone else in the group and now to be told that she was never good enough in the first place, that was like a slap in her face.

Just then, a loud roar of thunder was heard. She looked out of the window to see the darken sky and the storm that was threatening to break out on the world.

It’s so ironic that the weather truly reflects what I’m going through… Will I ever see the light again?

“Manager Park, we had better get ready to go to JYPE. The meeting with them is at 2pm right? We had better not be late.”

The CEO turned and looked at Raina. The look he gave her showed his disgust at having to clean up the mess that she created. She was no longer a doll put nicely in the showcase cabinet. Instead she has been taken out and thrown into the deep recesses of the basement.

“You, go back to the dorm and stay out of trouble. We will arrange for you to move out of the dorm soon after. Whether you decide to move back to your parents’ place or get a place of your own, that’s your decision. But the company would not be paying the rent should you choose to get a place of your own. If and when we decide to form the sub-group, you will have to do the auditions all over again.”

That was as good as pronouncing a death sentence on her dream to be the next top idol star. She couldn’t move, she couldn’t cry, her head was still reeling from the shock.

How could this be happening to me? It was just putting up a photo!

“No! Sa-jang-nim, you can’t do that to me!!”

“Oh Hye Rin, trust me, I can do a whole lot worse. Right now, I’m still considering the possibility for you to come back to us because your contract has not ended. But if the meeting at JYPE shows that it’s going to affect the company more than I think it would, I will cut off all your possibility of EVER becoming a singer again. I’m sure with JYPE lending weight to that, you will never have a chance to exist in the entertainment scene again. Manager Park, call a cab for her and make sure that she is sent back to the dorm. No, wait, you send her back now, make sure she stays there. Tell GaHee to watch over her. I’d meet you at JYPE at 2pm.”

Raina looked at her last ray of hope.


“Quiet! Let’s go.”

With that, Manager Park pushed Raina out of the CEO’s office. The receptionist stood up as they walked past. One look at Manager Park and Raina’s face let her know that whatever transpired inside was bad news. She smiled, that arrogant bitch had finally gotten what she deserved.

“Raina! See you again soon!”

Those words were piercing to Raina’s ears. She turned to look at the office again.

Would I ever be able to step foot into this office again?

And that was when the full impact of what had happened hit her. A single tear slipped out from her eyes and that broke the dam of tears.

All my dreams! Gone because of a stupid photo! Stupid stupid stupid me!!

“Hyo Rin-ah, go back and have a good rest. Let me know when I should arrange for a mover to come over to the dorm to help you move.”

“Oppa~ I’m really sorry!! Do I really have to move out of the dorm?! Can’t I…”

The look that Manager Park gave her stopped her. It was the look that he gave whenever he meant to tell the girls “no more arguments”. And no one had dared to.

The drive back to the dorm was a quiet one. Upon reaching the dorm, Raina wanted to try one last time to persuade her manager. But looking at the manager, she knew she won’t get anywhere. She opened the door and stepped out of the car.

“Oppa, I’m really sorry…”

“Just stay out of trouble.”

He turned and dialled a number on his phone. It was picked up almost immediately.

“GaHee, make sure everyone stays in the dorm today. All your schedules for the coming week have been cancelled. I will update all of you soon.”

He ended the call and drove off without a second word.

Raina watched the car disappearing, then she remembered that she had to call Kwon to ask for his help. She quickly took out her phone to call him.

Kwon didn’t pick up her call. She tried again. Still no answer. After the 15th time, she knew that either JYPE has given the order not to pick up her call or worse, her Kwonnie oppa was never going to pick up her call again.

She looked up at the sky just as the first drop of the storm unleashed itself upon her.

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Hello everyone!!

The trial run for the 2AM International Forum had been successfully concluded and we have moved to a permanent domain!

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Below are the registration procedures. As we just launched it last night, there might still be problems but we are working out everything as we go along!!

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